Friday, March 20, 2015

A Role by any other name…

Would smell so sweet… Well, that is how Shakespeare wrote it (more or less), around 400 years ago. It hold true today in my mind. And it is front of mind for me right now, as I start to expand my function as our MSP Evangelist. When I started looking at what I need to do in this role I realized that I already do all of this stuff…

How do you answer when someone outside your organization ask, “What do you do”? Is it a generic I’m a salesman. Or a technician. Or I manage operations, what does that even mean? I have always found myself, in hybrid roles. Having a primary responsibility and all kinds of “stuff” that I help with. So if I say I’m a Sales Engineer does it mean I’m not an Evangelist, and vice a versa?

I have always done events, and webinars, and blogs, and demos, and meetings, and calls, and I have always done them. Done. Helped. Worked with. Participated. Never owned. That is the biggest difference with having the role verses doing the role, owning the role.

So I guess when someone ask me what I do, I should answer with what I own.

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