Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Coffee @ 30,000 feet

How do you drink hot coffee at 30,000 feet? Very carefully. I realize that I do 100 different things all at the same time, without conscious thought to keep everyone burn and stain free. I also realized, this is how I demo too.

During a demo, what are you thinking, doing, saying? Where are you looking, at who, how, why? The reality is, we have to do all of these at the same time and remember to breathe too. So how do you master this? Just like learning to drinking hot coffee at 30,000 feet, start with water.

They are both liquids, and act much the same, just like demos. A demo for a $300 deal is not much different than one for $3000, except for the size of the stain if you mess up. So during your watered down demos, push yourself. How many things can you do and think at the same time?

Scan the room, note the facial expressions. Do you hear and comments under someone’s breath? What does the office look like, does the carpet need to be replaced (very important, read my last blog), how did the employees act as you walked in and does that fit with the discussion you are having with their management right now? What are the triggers to try to upsell, and what is that upsell solution?

Consciously think about the unconscious and watch the results.

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