Thursday, March 24, 2016

What is your number one?

Imagine everything you know about business, everything you have learned, all your experience had to go into a best of 64 bracket to determine the number one, best piece of business knowledge you knew? First, it would be awesome to be able to gather this information from everyone I know, but do you even have a clue what it might be?

If you asked me, I would spout something, but I doubt it would even be the best piece of advice I think is the best piece of advice, I would be more likely to state something safe and known that sounds really smart and profound. When I have had people tell me things that I had told them that made a profound impact on their business, I have either not remembered telling them that, or I thought it was something they should have known. So basically a casual, throw-away line. So why was it so important to them?

The best answer I have is that grass doesn’t grow on concrete. Seeds must be spread in ground that is ready to let them take root. Just like telling your teenagers over and over and over again, only to have them look at you with the stupid blank look on their face when they do it again. They grow up to become an adult and have the nerve to ask you with a straight face why you never told them they should do, whatever it is… Only the love you have as a parent stands between them and an MMA style beat-down at that moment.

Much like the partners, employees, and coworkers you communicate with every day, if they are not in a place to receive and use the wisdom you are sharing, it will go unheeded. Don’t be discouraged, don’t think you are wasting your time by sharing what might never be used. All it takes is one thought seed to take root and you may be changing lives with something you’ll never remember saying.