Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Story…Part III

Or part 4, or 5… or part whatever, when does it get better? Does it ever make part 1 better, or more complete? So in movies as in life. Rarely is part 2 better than the original.

So when planning on a demo for your prospect, how many remakes or sequels are you going to make them sit through to get to the good part? Does adding more make it better? Don’t bet on it.
When planning your demo:

Plan on the story you need to tell to get the business. If you don’t have a good story to tell, don’t expect to make any money at the box office.
Get the best actors you can. Use the best people, some of your salespeople are just better presenters, use them and figure out the comp.

Never forget there is only one director, and there has to be at least one. Someone needs to be in charge, and ready to yell cut when an actor is getting out of character.
You have one take. That is all you can plan on. If you do get a sequel, add to the story you told in part one, don’t start introducing laser firing vampire aliens just because you think it is cool.  

In short, take your best storyline, match it with your best actors, use a great director, and nail it in one take.

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