Saturday, February 26, 2011

Digging Out

Another foot of snow fell yesterday. So time to clean the driveway again. I had my choice of tools all specifically designed for clearing snow. Shovel, plow, or snow blower. Each of these has their advantages. Plows are fast, but can cause damage. Shovels take a lot of work but allow you be very precise. Snow blowers are less precise than a shovel, but a whole lot less work, and do a lot less damage than a plow.

When you have a blizzard of new opportunities laying in front of you, which tool are you going to use? Fast, with a chance of damage, or slower and more careful? Do you have more opportunities than you need? More accounts? No one does, so I guess there is no reason to plow through them quickly.

How much of your process can you automate? A well oiled machine can do a lot more work than you can with a shovel, but it can’t do everything. So understanding what you can automate is important. Lead capture and ongoing communication is easy to automate. Understanding and solving their needs, not so much.

Sales tools, you can’t have too many of them, but you can use the wrong one at the wrong time. This can cause you to lose a deal, or even a client.


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