Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Leaders Follow

I read a story today on Michael Dell’s take on tablets, and the fact they were betting on Windows 8 as an operating system. Why? Android tablets flopped and other systems are just “noise”. Actually he said, “that Android is another opportunity ,but that market has not developed to the expectations Dell had”. So Android failed, we are doing something different.

So as you know I do, I started thinking... Is this leading or following? Not following a winner, but following an unknown path not taken by a loser. With apologies to Robert Frost, there were two paths in the technology woods, and I took the one that hadn’t failed yet... By doing so, can you be a leader? I say yes.

All of us make mistakes. Some of us learn from them. Some fewer of us can apply the lessons to future events. Most of these people are called leaders. Making decisions based on all the information available, past and present. Don’t think that to lead, every idea has to be original.

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