Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let’s Do It a Little My Way.

These words were spoken by Carson Palmer to the members of his new team the Oakland Raiders. As a new quarterback joining the team mid-season, they were in a tough spot. They need to jell and play as a team right away. They didn’t have the luxury of weeks of intense practice before their first game. They needed to go from 0 to professional right away.

How do you build a team? Consensus? Team building exercises? Or do you have a my way or the highway style? What Carson was saying was not my way is right, or your way is wrong, or even do it my way. He was saying the fastest way for us to get to the highest level is to do it, a little my way.

Who on your team could take you to a higher level if you did it just a little their way? Maybe it is time to put your superstars in charge and let them take you to the next level.

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