Thursday, June 2, 2011

Billy Mays

Is it your hope to someday replace Billy? No? Then why do you sell like him? You get this software…and a free installation, but wait there is more! Signup now and I’ll throw in this fabulous hardware too.

I understand how hard sales is, but don’t make it harder by being like an infomercial too.

Sales should have a process like everything else in your business. Each item has price and a cost. This includes your services as well. How valuable can those services be if you can give them away? While it may get you this deal, will you now be expected to give service away on every deal with this customer?

So let’s assume you do need to give something to sweeten the pot to close the deal. The right way is to define the service, price the service, and establish its value with the client. Once we have established the value, now it is worth something. Trading value for value is different than giving something away.

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  1. Great points Steve. How many times each day do you get the telemarketing pitch? To me, just a couple sentences automatically switch my attention to the "off" position. No sale...