Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learning new facts

There are several things we know about all our customers. It may be their needs, it may be base software, it may be their options, but whatever they are, we know them. Well what if we don’t? What if your base beliefs were wrong, would that affect your sales process? Well let me help you, it will.

All of our base sales processes are based on our ability to present a value proposition for the solutions we provide. The value of these often is dependent on the customer’s core processes and infrastructure. So how sure can you be of your value prop if you’re aren’t sure of your customer’s core?

Here is an example. Hosted backup is a no brainer. The cost is low, the performance great, the solution scalable. But what if your client doesn’t have internet access? None, nada, zilch, how effective would hosted backup be? Not much, so it would have a low value to this customer.

This is the same issue with many countries around the world. No steady supply of clean power, little to no internet access, low quality equipment, pirated software, and low technology knowledge. These items to me are core items. I count on the customer to have all the items I listed to sell to them.

If you are considering selling into a new market, you need to get information on the items you count on your customers having. Without this data you may be left in the cold.

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