Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sell or Train?

What is your job, to sell, or to train? I don’t know about you, but I see few comp plans that pay for you to train your prospects. So where is the line?

Every technical sales process has some level of knowledge transfer. Some knowledge you have that you need to make them understand in order to close the deal. We all do this every day. This is what keeps us employed, our ability to explain the technical and make it relevant. But don’t forget the sales process….

Discovery, what do they need. Once we know this and how our solution solves their issue, we can present it, with the minimum amount of technical knowledge needed. Once we have presented the solution and the client needs more. More Proof of concept, more knowledge, more examples, we need to evaluate the time it will take. Time = Money. Is the deal worth it?

So you have several options. One, do the extra work as part of the sales process for free, offer to sell them a pilot installation with some training, bundle additional training into the sale, or walk away…

So are you a salesperson, or a trainer? 

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