Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fast Food Sales

I’m not talking about selling fast food here, I’m talking about selling in a fast food environment. What is fast food? Cheap, easy, good, quick, convenient, in short, a commodity. What makes you drive past some fast food places and stop at others? Branding.

There are people who eat no fast food, there are people who eat fast food, but I have never met anyone who eats at all fast food places the same amount of times. They like some better than others. Maybe it is the food, but most likely, marketing.

Have you established your sales brand? Your company needs to have a brand to sell your products and so do you.  You may not be selling a product that is a commodity, but we all see to people who live in a commoditized world. You know to structure your sales to the customer, what about your marketing?

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