Friday, September 23, 2011

Buy 2 Aspirin and I’ll Email you in the Morning

What? Well this thought popped into my head when I was on a webinar with Erick Simpson from MSPU. The topic of the webinar was marketing managed services and Erick stated that you should always market pain, not products or services.

So you should market the pain, headache. Sell the cure, aspirin. Do you do this now? I realize I am covering the same thing I did just a week ago in Marketing isn’t sales, but this is a new spin. Your marketing should be getting people to understand they have a problem. Sales will diagnose and cure.

Many companies want to grow their business and are looking for effective marketing to generate new customers. Are you actively marketing to your existing customer base now? My guess is many of your customers have Headaches and don’t know you sell aspirin. Always take care of your existing base, before you move on to new markets.