Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cloud Sales Skills

You are holding the cloud in your hand, right now. Look at it. Yup, can’t see it. So how do you sell what you can’t see and touch? Well, you never “sell” the cloud, you sell a solution that is in the cloud, and what does cloud even mean?

Rule # 1. If you can’t comfortably explain what you are selling and how they will use it you will have problems selling it. I think about this in 3 parts. First, what is the solution? Second, what problems does it solve? Third, how is it delivered? You need to know all of these.

So I hope you have a handle on the first 2 of these. What your solution is and what it does. So how is it delivered? If it is a service or product that is delivered through the internet, it may be called by many names. ASP, Web, SaaS, hosted, cloud, remote, distributed, but to you, they all mean the same. Internet based delivery. Don’t get tripped up by delivery.

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