Monday, December 19, 2011

Democratic Support

Do you treat your customers like Kim Jong Il treated North Korea? Well maybe that is harsh, but do you give them just enough to keep them happy and keep them in the dark?

I was watching the news stories showing film footage of distraught women sobbing over Kim Jong Il’s death. All I could think was if you only knew what we know you wouldn’t be shedding a tear.

If you went away from your customers lives, would they shed a tear or jump for joy when they discovered what they had been missing?

We cannot run our customers networks like a closed society. You cannot be a choke point of information. We should have the Voice of America attitude. More information. More choices. More work. Happier customers.

Democratic support works for everyone, when it is done right.


  1. Interesting that you would call it Democratic support when democracies have historically fallen into Anarchy and ended up as Dictatorships. For instance; did you know that the Nazi Party, when the anacronym NAZI, because it is an anacronym, is translated into english, it means Democratic Socialist. Democracies were only recently, in the last 60 or 70 years, had the meaning shifted to being free societies, because they are not and never will be.

    I may be nit picky but what you should have said was that we need to have a more Republican support for works, because the United States is a Republic, not the party. And it has been the republican form of government that has given us the economic growth and development that makes being in business possible, and allows us to answer our customers needs, and not do only what a democratic government would dictate.

  2. Dear Anon,
    I love this! You are correct. Pure democracy = Mobocracy. Most people do not understand the difference and as this is not a history blog I go with the masses. We are dancing on the head of a pin here as a republic uses a little d democratic process. Thank you for the feedback.