Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Over Promise and Under Deliver

Well no one wants to do that, but it happens nearly everyday. In fact, today we are hearing about the Amazon Fire having that issue. It was marketed as a $199 iPad killer, but performance has been less than expected.

So it seems you can be cheap ($100 HP Touchpad) and some people will overlook the flaws, when sold as a flawed option, or you have to be able to kill the King. Lukewarm won’t get it done.

How do you do this with your products or services? Go big? Go cheap? Go home? Not a lot of other options. Do you market cheap or great? Great cheap rarely works.

It is important to keep to a consistent message from marketing to delivery. Improper marketing can set expectations that you may not be able to deliver on or it may limit the people who are interested in you based on low expectations.

People will buy cheap or great, just be sure what you are selling...

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