Monday, May 16, 2011

Help me…Help you

I bet you have a sales engineer like me. Someone you can ping and have jump on a call, leaping tall buildings and saving the day. He hates it too. Well, we don’t hate helping, but we hate not being ready. So what can you do to have us ready?

First, do be the lone wolf. We are a pack. If you think you may need some help, ask, before you need it. The sooner we are involved, the easier to keep the issues in check. If you have any thoughts that you will need our assistance at any point in the process, get us involved early.

Don’t act like the meeting is a birthday party. Surprise! Schedule a meeting with us before the meeting that includes the client. I mean not 5 minutes before, but maybe 24 hours at least. Now if we don’t know something needed to help you close business we can find out, not tap dance and hope.

Yes we can help, yes we can help even with no prep, no we don’t like it.

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