Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is this a Problem?

How many times have you said this in a demo? None? That may be your problem. In technical sales you need to look for trouble. While this is not the attitude you want when visiting a biker bar, it is the attitude you need in a demo.

Technical sales should be the ability to overcome objections, not avoid them. If your demo is more like a magic show with smoke and mirrors, you may want to get a little more real. It is only after you have identified an issue can you resolve it. A demo that is too slick can actually get in the way of closing business.

How you ask? If your overly slick demo does not address all the prospect’s issues, it will fail. Now if your solution flawlessly covers every need, you are home free, but otherwise you need to have the problem talk. Then you can overcome the objection and advance the sales process, or discover that your solution will not work for them.
Either way we need to know, is this a problem?

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