Thursday, May 5, 2011

Social Media Fad or Fabulous?

Stuart Crawford started a discussion on LinkedIn titled No one is going to tweet you a paycheck
 This is a great discussion. It is all about the hype in Social media.

There is a ton of hype in the social media space. It is not the end all be all of marketing or messaging. It is however a powerful tool to that end.

If I were to tell you 15 years ago about any of the "tools" we use today (Facebook, iPhones, iPads, internet, WiFi, email) as a part of our everyday life, 90% of you would think they were toys or fads, yet here we are using them every day.

Stand alone Social Media tools may be a fad, but the socialization of our business tools is here to stay. I for one would not look forward to a day when I didn't know one of my biggest clients was having a visit from his children for his 60th birthday. I can see the pictures, I can see his gifts I can be a part of his celebration. How many dollars is that worth? More than I'm willing to risk by not being involved, especially when it costs only a small amount of time.

Due to the internet and social media the world now fits in my pocket. 

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