Friday, May 6, 2011

Sales Everest

It is Everest time again! I love following the climbs and climbers on Everest. So much effort, risk, and skill for the summit. Made me think, what is your sales Everest?

Do you have the Everest size goal? If you don’t that is OK. Few people ever think about climbing Everest, fewer still make it, and many die trying. So if you don’t have an Everest size goal, you can set a smaller one. But if you do have an Everest size goal you have to be committed.

The Climbers who make it to the top of Everest and make it back down safe have made the commitment. They have a team, they have help, they have drive. They have also put it all on the line, they are actually risking their lives to achieve their goals. Ever step they take has to have their full focus or they may fall to their deaths.

So I am not asking you to risk your life for your deal, but I do need you to have the focus and drive if you want to succeed. Put together your team, make your plans, make sure your timing is right, make your move to the summit.

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