Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wear a Helmet

What is that up there? Overhead. How much overhead do you have in your sales process that you can do without? I bet more than you think.

There are several items that make up sales overhead. Infrastructure, personnel, and marketing. The whole subject of overhead is a small book, so I am being very simplified here.
Do you need a brick and mortar location for every salesman? Most likely not. Modern systems allow your team to work from anywhere. You may be able to save on rent, phones, computers, bandwidth, electric, etc.

Are all of your marketing efforts generating results? At least carrying their own weight? Just like your services, you have to measure these. Cut the dead wood, focus on what works.

Your personnel most likely cost you the most. Every minute you spend on the sales and presales process is overhead. Are you tracking it? Are you measuring your results? Are you letting your sales staff use a presales engineer when they aren’t needed? This is a double whammy. Not only do you gain overhead, generally you lose billable hours at the same time, ouch.

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