Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do the Drapes Match the Curtains?

 Visiting an office a while ago I noticed how nothing matched. The carpet was warn and stained, the chairs in reception were new but uncomfortable, and the drapes looked like they could have been on the set of the Brady Bunch. All this meant one thing…Trouble.

So the trouble with any client that has this motif is they just don’t care. I mean if they don’t care what their clients and visitors think, then what do they care about? Money most likely and how not to spend it. Now not every client has a class A office space but there is down scale, and run down. You know the difference.

Now I have sold large deals in many a 1972 faux oak paneled conference room over a scared table. But I also made half the margin I could have. This is generally due to the customer’s lack of concern or care over, acceptable and superior solutions. It is very hard to sell the value of a solution that does more than meet the requirement with this type of customer. You can be sure this client will be sure to ask 2 or 3 others companies to show their solutions,” just to keep everyone honest”.

So would you buy from the people you are selling to?

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