Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Not Lose Your World Cup

The USA Women’s Soccer Team was just handed a stunning defeat by the Japanese Team. How did that happen and can you learn a sales lesson from it? Read on, read on.

So the USA women made two fatal mistakes. First they pushed when they should have realized that had won, they just needed the match to end. So have you ever realized you had won the deal and decided to get it closed right now, only to have it slip away? Sometimes the best option is to know when you are ahead, and act like it. Don’t go into a full prevent defense, more on this in another blog, but don’t take any unnecessary chances either.

 Second, they missed the easy shots. Penalty shots should have a better than 60% chance for a goal. All you have to do is kick it into a big net where the one person isn’t. Sales can be like this too, deals can be lost by missing or not doing the simple things. Don’t lose the big one because you can’t add, spell, or return a phone call.

Don’t collapse, collect.


  1. Two great points about sales process, made sloppily (proofreading and editing recommended) and opportunistically around the US women's soccer team's defeat.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous.
    Editing killed me this time. I created this on the plane, on my phone. Not the perfect blog tool, maybe time for an iPad. I specifically made it opportunistic around their defeat, just like I would have used their victory to illustrate a different point. All good things come from opportunities, don't let them slip by you....