Thursday, July 7, 2011

Practicing spontaneity

We have all heard; over prepare to ensure we succeed. Practice, practice, practice. Have you ever felt your demo or sales pitch is stale? Maybe it is over preparation that makes it so. Have you ever had to demo “off the hip” and knocked it out of the park? Why do you think that is?

When was the last time you heard an exciting telemarketing pitch? Me too, never. Why? You were call number 5,432 for that person that day, and they read everyone from the same script. Shoot me now. A little originality and spontaneity goes a long way. Like a good paint, it covers a lot of blemishes and flaws with your demo.

So why don’t we practice spontaneity? Don’t laugh, why? Well I do, and here is how. Don’t practice your demo, learn your product. If you know your product you can deal with any sales demo question or wrinkle. If you know your demo, God help you if it goes off the rails.

Don’t fall into the trap of giving the best demo they never wanted to see.

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