Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PMS Symptoms

Do you suffer from PMS? Postponed Monthly Sales? You know, that irritable feeling you experience in the last week of the month when you haven’t hit quota and the pipeline is empty? There is no drug you can take to prevent it, but just like the other PMS, the best prevention is diet and exercise. A salesperson needs a steady diet of leads and a lot of exercise presenting solutions, this will prevent PMS.

In sales you are, or should be judged on one thing. Are you hitting your number? This is the one item you are responsible for. In order to be sure you can hit this number, you need to have a large enough pipeline to support this number. This should not be new to you, I am not explaining some brand new idea, never heard before. How does your pipeline look? I thought so.

A weak pipeline creates a weaker pipeline. As you have less and less deals, you have to give more and more concessions to get the smaller number of leads to close. The more you give, the less you have, so the more you have to close to hit your number. This is a sure way to drain the pipeline. So why do you do this? To hit your number. It is like eating chocolate covered potato chips to make you feel better about being overweight.

The best day to think about filling your pipeline was yesterday.

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