Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It is a Fish Eat Fish World

I know the normal saying is dog eat dog world, but for all my time on the farm, I have never seen a dog actually eat another dog. I have a fish tank in my office, and it happens all the time. I also have never seen a health active fish get eaten either. So are you fish food?

If you are an active Salesperson with healthy sales habits not likely to get eaten in your tank. There are some factors that can change that though. The rule they tell me at the fish store is an inch of fish per gallon of tank. Is your tank crowded with too many fish? Are there some sharks and some minnows, or do you have a nice community tank with a happy school of fish?

If you are a happy minnow with a bunch of sharks, you better get busy growing, or you may get eaten. If there are too many fish in the tank, you better stay active and visible, or you may get flushed.

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