Monday, July 25, 2011

Play Like a Pro

I was at the MSPU boot camp in Charlotte last week and heard Rafael Sanguily instructing in the sales track. One of the things he said that made me think was, you are all professionals, and every professional needs to practice to stay at the top of their game. You know what else a professional needs? The ability to shrug off a loss and keep digging.

I like watching baseball, and every so often I will see a pitcher just gets lit up. Seems everything he throws is as big as a beach ball. So what happens? The pitcher gets pulled from that game, but his manager makes sure that the pitcher knows that as his manager, he still has faith in him. This allows the pitcher to take the mound on his next outing with attitude and confidence, not as a beaten man.

After you have lost a deal, how do you act? Not how you feel, but how do you act? If you manage a sales team, how do you act when a salesperson loses a deal? Have you done everything you can to make sure that they can perform at a high level next time, or have you shaken their confidence by making them think you no longer believe in them? Just because you have to take the ball, doesn’t mean you have to take their confidence.

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