Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions Sales

Have you got your ticket? The Mega Millions jackpot is around $640 Million Dollars for tonight’s drawing. What causes all of the excitement? The chance of a huge payday. What does a huge payday create? A lot of people who take a gamble figuring what the heck, the odds are the same as a million dollar drawing. Does the same thing happen in sales? Absolutely, except…

At the end of the day, sales is about effort times deal size divided by odds equals payout. I have worked with a lot of elephant hunters. Salespeople with their eyes always looking for a huge score. They put in lots and lots of effort for a smaller percentage opportunity, rolling the dice for the big score. What is the one thing we only have a fixed amount of? Right, time.

If a salesperson is spending all their time hunting elephants, what aren’t they doing? Winning the smaller deals with a higher percentage of closing. Sales is not like the lotto. Lotto odds are the same regardless the size of the deal, Sales isn’t. Every deal is different. The odds of every deal are different. A smart salesperson has got to be able to do the math. Are you a smart salesperson?

Whether you are or you aren’t, at this point, you can get smarter. How? First, track your time on every deal, know how long it takes to close a deal.  You need to have an idea about the amount of time it takes for an average deal, and not just the time to close, but hours of effort. Next, have a really good needs analysis checklist. Knowing what they need verses what you can do is one part of generating the odds. The better the match, the better the odds. The other half of the odds are relationships, money, and magic… What is the deal size? Is it worth your effort? Any effort? A lot of effort? More effort than the other deals in your pipeline?

Now you can “play” your deals based on the best odds, not your lucky numbers.

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