Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feeling In the Dark

You’re lost, it’s dark, you can’t see. Now what? You have several options. Eschew caution and plunge into the abyss hoping to find your way, or slowly, carefully, using all your senses, feel your way to safety, or freeze up like the first time you looked off the 10 foot diving board. You see which way I lean.

I have been on too many demos and sales calls where a slight curve ball becomes a major obstacle because “someone” plunged in head first without checking the depth first. If you don’t know ask, it is the only way to learn. There are several ways to ask that will get a better response.

First, never question their need. By this I mean don’t question the fact that they have expressed a need, or make them feel like you are challenging their need. “What do you need to do that for”? Is a bad question. “Help me understand your need”. Is a much better way.

Second, never get penned in. Don’t make a snap, knee jerk statement that defines the rest of the sales process. If you need to, slow down and get it right. If you are not sure, “oh yes we can handle that.” Is a bad response, “Let me get back to you with the correct answer.” Is much better.

I have never seen a blind man with a greyhound as a seeing eye dog, have you?

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