Friday, August 12, 2011

Sales Decathlon

How do you judge your sales people? Do you want a sprinter, always first to the line? A hurdler, able to clear obstacles?  A pole-vaulter, able to hit the big number? All of those things are nice, but at what expense? Do you care how the come in first, clear obstacles and hit the big number? You should. If fact I think you need to hire salespeople who can compete in a decathlon. Yes, but forget the Kardashians, I’m talking about a Bruce Jenner type here…

Not familiar with the decathlon, just click here.  10 different events over 2 days. Take the scores form each event, add them up and see who is the best well rounded track and field athlete. This is an even where the best rise to the top. It isn’t enough to be strong, or fast, or coordinated. To win, you have to be all of these things, and have to be able to compete at a high level.

That is how I want my salespeople. Not just hard closers, and not just good prospectors, and not just salespeople who are quick on their feet, I want all of that. I want a decathlete. 

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