Monday, August 29, 2011

Plan B

What is your plan B? Either in your sales or demo process, what do you do when plan A fails? Hummmm….should not be plan B. If everything worked as expected, your car wouldn’t have an emergency brake.

So here is the reality. If you don’t have a plan B, whatever happens becomes yours. No internet, laptop dies, blue screen, now what? Prospect not returning calls, emails bounce, asks for unreasonable discount, are you ready?

This is called planning. We all want things to work as expected, but we must plan as if they will all fail. During your discovery process, you figure out the prospects needs and develop a solution. A solution, or several? Think good, better, best. The one you present should always be the better solution. Now you always have room to move up for more value, or down for better price.

Winter is coming, it pays to prepare…

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