Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hair Band Sales

It is that time again….Hair Band revival tours. It made me think, are you just another 80s hair band? If you didn't look too close or listen too hard, most of them looked and sounded very much alike. How do you stand out in a crowded market?

Let's be real, whatever industry you are in, there are hundreds of people selling the same solutions that you are. That isn't a bad thing, unless you don't stand out from the crowd, and I mean stand out in a good way. A baby screaming on a plane stands out, but not in a way that makes you want to sit near them. There are generally three ways to stand out. Guitar solos, outfits, light show. I'll explain.

Guitar solos are all about talent. It is possible to stand out from the field based on your skill and talent. Quick, what was the best guitar player you ever saw? Right, you remember. Give the best sales solo of your career and they will remember you. Talent always shows

Outfits are about appearance. They look like a rock band, they must be good! Do you dress for success? Sales people in different industries are expected to dress differently, but do you fall into the top end of your expected dress? Why not? Hair cut? Shoes shined? People notice and remember, especially when compared to "the other guy". We are a Hair band, not a grunge band.

Light shows! Who doesn't love a great light show? Lots of flash and bang. It doesn't make the music sound any better, but wow, what a concert! It is possible to awe the crowd with an awesome demo. Play it right and they may not even hear what you are saying.

So it is time to take the stage, put on your best outfit, use your sales solo to lead right into the demo light show and wow that crowd.

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