Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best In Show

Ever watch a dog show and wonder what the judges were thinking? I like the cute dogs, and many breeds are not that cute to me. I understand that one of those ugly dogs has to be the best of the ugly dogs in the best of breeds, but not for best in show. How does that happen? I see this in sales all the time, the best looking solution doesn't win. Well here is why.

The judges in a dog show are like your prospects. Their job is to measure to dog based on the specifications, not the cuteness. Your prospect should be looking at their specifications for their solution, not getting side tracked by sales cuteness. So the Judge pokes and prods measures and feels to find the best dog. Expect you Prospects to do the same. Make sure you are presenting a solution that meets the client's requirements, if not, you better have a good story.

It should always be substance over show. So if the Greyhound wins when you had a Lab in the show, maybe there was an issue with your dog.

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