Friday, August 5, 2011

Mixed Drinks

Demos are like a mixed drink. Everyone has their favorite style. Everyone gets in a rut. A good drink makes you feel good, a bad one leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. Too many make you dizzy and a little nauseous. So, what is your favorite demo cocktail? Are you a fan of an Old Fashioned, or a Mojito, beer, or wine?

Basically I'm asking if you are a fan of the classic tried and true traditional demo, or do you like to stay on the cutting edge of demo technology. Are you a blue collar demo person, or do you stick with the brie and Chardonnay crowd? None of these are wrong, but it is helpful to know where you and your company, and more importantly your customers fall. Try to sell an appletini in a biker bar, not a lot of takers there.

I do a standard group demo of our product once a week. I find if I do not modify the demo every couple of weeks, I get bored. It can be nice to feel you have the "perfect" demo, with the perfect flow, but if your mind id drifting while you give it, you are not doing the best job for the prospect or your company. Practice your demo with different insertion points. Learn to tell the story with different beginnings and endings.

You have all the materials needed for your Demo Cocktail, you need to be the best Mixologist you can be to make it all work.

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