Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Community Effect

I don’t care how good a sales person you are, you can’t do it alone. I’m not even talking about your coworkers and support staff. I’m talking about your community. Those people who are your competitors and peers who teach you more in a conversation that hours of sales training.

I learned this lesson more than 5 years ago when I entered the software business. Before that I worked at a small VAR that didn’t get the concept of community and leadership, so we languished, a small fish in a small pond.

Working with partners, vendors, and competitors at an uncountable number of events has made me better in every way. As much as you learn at events put on by other companies, you learn more at your own events. I learned this with our Community Live event. Even as a small company you can plan an event to help your clients, vendors, and yourself. If you want to see how one of these can be run, look here, and think about attend one of these events coming to a city near you.

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