Monday, August 15, 2011

Real Life Training, Real Life Results

Many of you know I go backpacking every September in the west. Every year I start training for this trip mid-summer and work hard to mold my desk riding body into a climbing machine. Every year…I fail. I fail, not because I’m not working hard, but because my workout isn’t the same as my task. That got me to thinking, does the same thing plague your sales team?

When you provide sales training to your staff, is it relevant customized training, or generic sales 101 stuff? I thought so. Ever wonder why it doesn’t pay off the way you wish it would? If you are giving basic sales training to entry level reps, the generic training may be fine. I might dispute why you think hiring and training new sales people is a good move, but that is another blog post. If you want high quality performance, you need high quality training.

Find a good sales coach who understands you industry and have them build a custom training program for you and your team, it will be worth every penny.

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