Monday, August 8, 2011

What is your Demo Bond Rating?

Unless you have been dead for the past week, you know that the S & P has downgraded to United States Government from a AAA bond rating to a AA+ rating. Who knows what the end result will be, but the beginning of it stinks. This got me thinking, how does your rating agency rate your demos? Well I know we don't have a national demo rating agency, but your agency is the people who hold you in trust. The salespeople and managers who put their trust in you to deliver a quality demo. Are you AAA or junk bond status?

AAA. The gold standard, maximum trust. Do they trust you with their deal without question? If that is the case, great! You now need to know do they trust you to win the deal, or trust you not to lose the deal? Do they trust you so much, they stop giving you good preparation before the demo, "because you always nail it"? If you fail to "nail it", will they still give you a AAA rating when you lose a deal, or will they downgrade you? That is the downside of that trust.

If you want to have and keep a AAA rating, you have to push back and require a proper process. A proper process from and with the other team members will make sure there is an agreed upon approach. If a deal goes south with this process in place, you should be able to maintain a sterling AAA Rating.

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