Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Sales

Yes, I know. You knew I would be using Irene in my post today. What do we know about hurricanes? They are big and scary, show up like clockwork every year, follow a path, do all kinds of damage and make people talk about them. I hope that isn’t your sales process, but there are some good things we can learn about sales from hurricanes.

First, consistent. Hurricanes are consistent. Unlike tornados that hit here and there never follow a pattern, hurricanes consistently follow the same path every year. This makes them more productive. If you consistently market and sell, you will be too.

Second, everyone talks about hurricanes. Get other people to talk about you and your company.(In a good way) Look at the all the free marketing Irene is getting. You can take advantage of this viral marketing as well.

Hurricanes are large, they cover a lot of territory. The further you spread your storm clouds them more area you can rain on. Want business to grow? Increase your reach.

If you consistently spread a large shadow, people will talk about you, and buy from you.
Oh, pick up some batteries and bottled water too.

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