Monday, January 9, 2012

iPhone Turns 5 Today

“Every once in awhile a revolutionary product come along that changes everything” - Steve Jobs. Steve said this during the Macworld Conference & Expo in 2007. I think he was more right than even he could have guessed at that time.

Keep in mind that the Motorola Q, Palm Treo, Blackberry, and Nokia E62 were the leading “smart” phones at the time. These we a very good blend between a PDA and a phone, very usable. I had an E62 and thought the ability to get email and “search” the Internet was amazing, even though I was getting text based results that reminded me of when I was using my 300 BPS modem and CompuServe.

Once the iPhone was released, nothing in the Mobile phone industry was the same. What was considered acceptable screen resolution, interface design, data access, would never be the same. In addition things like infrastructure updates that would need to be made due to the data requirements of these devices. New products like Google’s Android were created because of it and some products like RIM’s Blackberry is dying.

Love it or hate it, the iPhone has changed everything.

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