Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year New Post

This is my first post of the new year, even though it is the 4th day of the month. What does that mean? I’ve been damn busy. Most of you know I took a new position at the end of 2011, let me tell you a little more about that and how it fits my predictions for 2012.

2011 worked out the way I saw it, more cannibalization, more competition, more mergers, less profit. None of those issues were caused by the big guys. Microsoft didn’t screw the MSP with 365, Google didn’t put you out of business with a Chromebook, Dell didn’t sell to all your customers. The MSPs need to look in the mirror to see the problem. Too much setting prices without knowing costs.

So my predictions for 2012? Some of these trends will continue, especially in Mergers and acquisitions. Small guys want to get big, big guys want to get bigger, customer wants it cheaper. Security will go to the front of the new trends, especially in the mobility segment. MDM will get pushed hard by vendors, and not add as much true network security as we need.

So why am I so busy? The position I took with Bradford Networks is growing our partner base in the MSP and SMB space for our SaaS NAC offering. The interest has been more than we can keep up with, and we are not even out in the channel yet.

The ability to help partners add and deliver enterprise grade NAC to their clients put Bradford on the leading edge of the mobility security concerns. These are concerns that current solutions cannot meet.

So feel free to contact me if you believe you need to add NAC security to your offerings, and add to my workload.

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