Sunday, January 22, 2012

On a Personal Note, Part Two

It was less than 2 months ago that I shared the news with you that I had decided to pursue a new career, leaving Autotask after nearly 6 years to join Bradford Networks.

The decision for me was not an easy one, as I had built many friendships and ties into Autotask, their customers, and the industry, but I felt the need to grow personally and professionally.

The great news was that I would get to build a brand new channel with my friends and peers in the MSP/IT Services space. This was a true win win for me.

The more I explored the needs of the SMB channel for the security features that a NAC solution could offer, compliance checks, guest management, dynamic vLans, etc.,  I saw a huge potential for Bradford and the channel as I have shared with many of you.

Sadly,I am no longer with Bradford.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I saw, and still see, such a need, as well as a business case for these solutions in our marketplace and for our customers.

My biggest disappointment? Not being given the chance to fail. By that I don’t mean that I would have failed, in fact I think it would have been a huge win, but the chance. Isn’t that all any of us want? A chance. To win or lose, succeed or fail, but just a chance.

This has left me with a hunger, a feeling of incompleteness that feels worse than failure. I have been feeding that hunger with lessons learned, the good and bad. So as in all things in life, the only path worth taking leads forward.

Now it is time to get back to work and feed that hunger with a new challenge, a new goal, a new position.


  1. Hey Steve,
    Sad to hear that, good luck in hunting for a new job.. Perhaps Autotask will have you back :-)



  2. Hi Steve,
    The best part about this turn of events is that now you can find the right place to focus your energy.I know how dedicated you are when you find a cause that you believe in. As cliche as it may sound, this did happen for a reason. Bigger and Better!!!

  3. Steve,

    I like your positive attitude. I am sure experience and precocity is great, but to me attitude is everything. All the best

    Asfaz Qazi

  4. No need for that Chris :-), Business is Business...

  5. Steve, you don't know me but I was one of the founders of StillSecure, also a long time NAC player. The promise you see in NAC as a managed service and the SMB market has been a siren song for many, for many years. Sadly NAC or more so, the NAC market always seems to let us down, never living up to its promise. I used to tell people it was a very easy concept to understand, but a difficult thing to implement.

    Anyway, as a former NAC evangelist, there is a reason that Bradford and a host of other NAC vendors, some still here and most now gone, have not succeeded to plan. In the end, find something that people really want to buy, that really works and you will be much more successful and happier! Good luck!

  6. I'd love to see you back at Autotask! Sad to here your exciting venture didn't work out.

    If you really want to roll the dice you could do what most of us who use Autotask do, roll the dice on your own dime.... in some cases, this may be one of them, that's not possible :(.

    Best wishes, continue to keep us all posted.


  7. You are a very talented man and have a stellar reputation in this industry. A wise company will pluck you up like a chicken, you just have to decide if they are worthy of you. :-)

    1. LOL. Uh, Nancy, being plucked like a chicken wasn't the best analogy you could have used. That would have meant that Steve is dead and ready for the rotisserie.

      I agree with your assessment of Steve being a terrific catch for the right company. Perhaps that company will find Steve and snap him up in a heartbeat. I thank THAT is what you meant to say. Now you owe me a drink the next time you see me. LOL even more.