Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Batter up!

How far is far enough? I’m posing this question as a technical engineer. When you’re involved in the sales demonstration process, how far is too far? Well that depends, let me explain.

What is your role? If you don’t know, stop. Ask. Find out. Without this information your margin of error is huge. Let’s say we are playing baseball. We need 9 people, one for each position. Each position has a function, an area they are responsible for. If the centerfielder decides to wander over towards 3rd base, it leaves the whole team exposed. So, what is your position when you take the field?

This boils down to a couple possible roles with many options. You are either the leader, you have an active role, or you are passive.

Part of this will be determined by other factors in the deal. Who is the salesperson? Seasoned Pro or nube? When were you invited to the party? Early or last minute? How involver is the deal? Simple or complex?

So if you get called in last minute by a sales pro on a simple deal, there are most likely 1 or 2 questions that need to be answered to close business. I would also bet the salesperson has answered the question, but the prospect wants a technical warm fuzzy. In this deal you should be passive. Answer when asked, stay on topic. Don’t introduce any issues by showing one more cool thing….

If you are involved early by a Sales Nube on a complex deal, you will want to take lead. Guide the process and keep it on track. Be sure to debrief with the salesperson after every call and tell them what you are planning on doing next. Sales Pros aren’t born, they evolve.

Everyone has a role, whether they know it or not. 

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