Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Male Assist Needed

I’m flying to Nashville for Robin Robins Boot Camp and people just amaze me. I know I fly a lot and know what to expect. I know how to pack, what I can and can’t walk through the metal detector with, and to take my damn shoes off. So how well does your sales staff make it through your customers TSA?

The security your clients have is no less stringent. They may not limit the amount of liquids you can carry in to the building, but they have rules, both spoken and unspoken. Break these rules and you have more problems than a body scan.

Most of these rules your staff should know, they start with basic respect. You are a guest, ask permission before you do something. Thank people for their time. Some are domain knowledge that you will need to rely on your contact or champion for. Don’t be afraid to ask about these. Is there anyone I shouldn’t talk to? Times I shouldn’t call? Places I shouldn’t go? Some of these items are political, some are a religion.

Remember what your mother told you, don’t talk about religion and politics in public or with strangers. I’m sure you know even having these discussions with friends can cause friction. If you don’t ask you will never know. If you don’t know, you will make mistakes and these mistakes will cost you money.

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