Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sushi anyone?

So I was watching the Blue Planet documentary. Made me think, what kind of fish am I? I’m I one of those finger length plankton eaters, snapping up my dinner, never getting any bigger? Or am I a Yellow tail Tuna, eating plankton for a year, then fry, then anything that I can fit in my mouth? Growing, eating, and growing some more?

Some of the fish are hunters. Always looking for a meal, making their own opportunities. Some are opportunistic, relying on others to serve up a dinner. Some just float along, eating what they run into. Sound like anyone you know? Is this your business?

Hunters are fast, out probing, hunting, making a market. The opportunistic ones hang back. See where the market is going, then nibble on the helpless scraps. Floaters sell something if someone begs them to.

The reality is the Ocean is full of all kinds of fish. I’m not saying what kind of fish your business should be, but no one is ever going to write a book about or close the beaches because of a floater.

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