Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Country Style

What is your style? Do you have a sales style? It is kind of like an accent, you may not know you have one, till someone makes fun of it. Let me assure you, you do have a style.

One thing I have learned is not to fight the style you are comfortable with too much. Gentle nudging is generally a much better solution. Our style is generally learned through trial and error. Try something and watch what happens, remember what worked, try it again. Did it work again?

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Why? It is one of a couple things. First, is it the client? Are they the same type of customer with the same needs? Is it your delivery? Some lines can sound way too rehearsed and slick. Is it your location? Regional differences can make a huge change, and if the region is another country, all bets are off.

The lessons to remember about your sales style, be you, be topical, be clear, keep it simple.

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