Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birds of a feather

How custom do you demos need to be? Customers exact environment? Customers exact data? Exact workflow? I have found that the less technical the buyer, the more exact it needs to be.

Technical users can see an idea and understand how they would apply it to their situation. How it would apply to their data, in their environment. Depending on your sales process, you can see how convincing the customer’s technical team first is a huge advantage. Once you have them convinced, they can be a great help.

By having a technical resource as a supporter, they can help guide you through the meetings with the non-technical users. Than can provide you information about the personalities involved. Additionally they can give assurances that the solution meets the requirements. This will provide a warm fuzzy for your client you can never match.

Now even if you sell the clients technical staff first, this doesn’t mean that you will not need to a detailed demo for the end users, however, it should be easier and smoother. 

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