Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sail Ho!

So like the wind powers a sailing ship, you move your business. So what kind of wind are you? Are you a trade wind or a typhoon? Do you move steadily in a consistent direction, or do you move in starts and jerks in many directions? Both cover a lot of ground, one is much more productive.

When you want more business, do you hope the winds blow harder, or do you do something to take advantage of what wind you have? Like a sea captain who would raise more sail when he wanted to go faster, you can add resources and/or services to do the same.

So one way to grow revenue is to grow your business, another is to change course. You can make small changes in course, that will make a huge difference. You can even sail against the wind if you want. But if you want to make any real progress on this new course, you have to stay with it.

You can’t count on a quick hit, typhoon like process to make any real process. If you try Managed services, or try a BDR, or try a vertical, you will be left adrift. Make a plan and stick with it long enough to know if you have found a new trade route or not.

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