Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleeping like a baby.

I talk a lot about value. Selling value, showing value, defining value. Many things help define value, one of them is time. How soon is too soon to sell a new widget to replace the widget you sold before? Well, that depends, did they get good value from the old widget, and will the new widget give more value?

When we have an established relationship with a customer, we have a responsibility. A responsibility to sell solutions that provide value, the ability to maintain those systems, and to replace those systems when needed. What defines needed?

Need is not defined by being able to show value with a new solution, but when the current solution no longer has value. So it is your responsibility to continue to evaluate your customer’s solutions and products, not only function, but value as well.

When your customers know you sell valuable solutions, and understand their business enough to provide new valuable solutions as needed, they and you will sleep well.

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