Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Danger Will Robinson

Are you getting business advice that breaks the prime directive? Do you feel that your company is getting placed in harm’s way following expert advice? You aren’t alone.

How is this possible? Shouldn’t the experts know the proven ways to grow and secure your business? Well as they say, the particulars of your case are fact dependent. There are few businesses that are the same, and fewer with the same customers. So beware of one size fits all “training”.

Let’s play a game. Are you a service provider? Do you have customers? Do customer’s computers need backup? Is hosted backup affordable? Based on you saying yes for each question, I could tell you that you need to be selling hosted backup to every client. An expert opinion based in fact. Totally wrong.

So every piece of advice you are given needs to be tested against your real world facts. Who are your customers? What are the compliance regulations they need to follow? What is their risk tolerance? This is what makes a best practice a right practice.

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