Monday, March 21, 2011

More or Less

I had a talk with Kate Hunt from today on their weather report Podcast. One of the side points we talked about was how important is sales engineering in the cloud based sales environment? Go listen, I’ll wait till you get back…..

Ok, so one of the points being made was the skill set of a sales engineer will change based on many different items. Products you sell, the way you sell them, who you sell them to, will all change what skills one needs. I feel that selling cloud services as opposed to selling local services requires less technical skills, but more communication skills. Generally there is less to setup, but more to explain.

So if it requires less technical skill can’t the sales staff do this on their own? Do you need to have a sales engineer or use your valuable technical resources time to fill this role? Well, yes and no. Yes, a salesperson can, but they will not carry the same credibility as a technical resource.

Time is money, and if you can cut the time to sale by adding some technical skill, it seems like money well spent.

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