Friday, March 4, 2011

Physician heal thyself

What is your technical labor overhead cost? Not sure? This is an essential part of any business plan, especially one that is service based.

So you track all of your time you spend on clients’ right? What?!? I know, I’m not shocked. The excuses are the same. Takes longer to create a ticket than to just do it, system is difficult to use, it’s under contract, I don’t bill less than 15 minutes…it goes on and on. So if you are not able to track all of your client facing time, how are you ever going to know your own overhead costs? Your true profit?

None of the above statements should be true. They are just excuses, not reasons. You should be able to create a basic ticket in a couple of seconds, track time in a couple more. Bill your time, don’t bill your time, I don’t care. (I do), but I really care if you track it. Customer facing and non-customer facing.

The reason this is so important is so you know your costs, understand the internal time you are spending and increase it. You heard me right. Most IT companies are not spending enough time working on their own systems and processes. Now I don’t mean maintaining servers and backups, I mean learning and tuning your business system. Updating processes and workflows.

Minutes today will save hours this month. You may have a new technician worth of time savings in your inefficient systems and processes. 

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